Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is an intellectual competency like critical thinking, creativity and problem solving; it's about how we conceptualize information, and make the recipe to put those concepts into practice.

Code Class is an initiative

Code Class aims to inspire educators to computational thinking for the classroom. Most educators are a daily source of empowerment for their students, and Code Class introduces educators to the tools they need to encourage growth through technology - in order to understanding larger structures with both human and technological systems.

Basic coding skills.

Code Class will focus on supporting educators and students by fostering their understanding of computational thinking, technology and basic coding. And, no matter whether you've got coding experience, or not -
Code Class is for all who are involved with education.

Inspire Creation

As educators, you've to provide students with the skills to navigate an ever-changing academic landscape, where digital literacy has become a necessity. Because itís necessary that we inspire the next generation of people to create rather than consume technology.

Educational Strategies

By providing educators with the proper tools and resources, itís easier to incorporate technology into the classroom and inspire students.
Code Class will introduce educators to the building block of computational thinking through coding in an accessible format, blending the worlds of tech and education to create best possible outcomes.

The Computational Thinking Team